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 Tribulations of adwrap platforms

It is easy said that you place advertisement banner into commercial and secure interaction, eventually data capture. But in the jungle of cell phones you can say, nothing is so easy as it looks and running such platform means close study of technology and behaviour of users.

Manual integration API into games

The main stumbling-rock is the imagination of platform provider that the developer will readily integrate theirs API with a vision of new profit model. The reality is that the developer has his approved roadmap and in fact in short-timed horizont he is not capable of any other work than the scheduled one. The next truth is that like any other work so this one share costs and if the developer can´t get satisfactory minimum guarantee (wich he won´t get in new models),  he will surely not risk. How to get out of this? Teach your platform to integrate advertisement without interaction of developer! Yes, it can be done. Our solution such is. There is no other way. If you find today an advertiser which condition is a golf game for example, he sure won´t give you three months for integration but he awaits immediate reaction. 

Download advertisement into games or not?

By all means don´t force user to download the advertisement. It would absolutely oppose the whole philosophy, when the game has to be for free! You can recomment efficient data tariffs but the user don´t care. He will slop you for every additional crown over the declared watchword „Games for free!“. If you succeed in integration the advertisement into the structure of wireless service provider, you can theoretically get browsing for your users for free but here comes the next arguments for downloading the advertisements into games via internet and the main is that it is annoying. The user wants to play, he doesn´t want to download and above all an advertisement, that is why he will every attempt cancel manually. And last but not least I will use a question as a counterargument: Why should we even bother to change the advertisement placed into games? One game is not so strong medium to have here advertisement forever! The user will start the game 20 times and he will be more affected with the advertisement, all the better if we offer specific advertisement as well. To turn several campaigns at once doesn´t make sence.

Cracked Interaction

For some range of advertisers will not the banner projection be enough, they will want to provide some form of interaction with the user. He will be able to get more information about advertised product or service, eventually to fill up some liable formulary or directly order. It is logical that the developer will use the variant of wap landing pages. But ooops, although the cell phones according to available documentation should support the opening of wap browser, the reality is different and the cell phones can´t handle this functionality or it will handle it in strange way! The solution is in cell phone software update, but to be frank, this is not the solution for the platform provider. If you distribute in this situation an advertisement, you will only accomplish low efficiency of campaign and cause danger to your future earnings.

So what with this matter? Not providing interaction or specializing in better supported variants of interaction like click2call would lower the atraction of this medium. The truth as well is that the abroad platforms don´t deal a lot with this matter and simply don´t solve the infunctionality of click2browse variant and trust that things will go better in near future. Our solution took different path. We arrange all interactivity directly in java, actually in its advertisement part. It has its advantage that apart from the 100% support it features immediate reaction, which affects the user really positively. The truth is also that it is not needed to have initiated APN INTERNET and it is not needed to solve contentions when user does not use on principle the default wap browser but for example Opera Mini.

Where to place the advertisements

I saw many solutions which tried to place the advertisement on many places in the game and thanks to the repetitive downloads via internet were able to change the advertisement. However this model had to be invented by someone who doesn´t understand the proces of game development and its connections. This actually means a new game development, the model can´t be in fact applied on a completed game a above all you offer promotional games or games with a promotion. Looks like words play but the difference is essential. Although you offer the games for free, the user won´t forgive you anything and if you will place promotional object instead of the standard one, they will simply deny to play it and for the advertised product will be the negative emotions carried over in the end. Simply to play such Townsmen a find a McDonald´s, I will shatter it to the ground and go play something else. So you can´t break the story with the advertisement, the advertisement´s place is before the game starts. This position is most visible, efficient and doesn´t bother while playing. Don´t look for some science in there.

Is that this article celebrates our solution? Oh yes, actually it is so, why shouldn´t commend our own solution on our own blog
J. After a long preparation we are about to enter the global market now with our adwrap platform in wich we tried to profit all our experience. It is evident that we took different path than our competitor platforms, we didn´t fear to be a visionary and now it will reveal how much we have succeeded. We will show off with first subresults soon.

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