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15.02.2008 - link |  comments(2)

 WAP free of charge is in trouble

Today, I have red an interesting article on my favourite czech internet magazine focused on mobile phone reviews and technologies you can find on url It was about change of Telefónica O2 strategy with charging mobile version of well-know instant messaging application ICQ. This change is not about their foxiness, but about typical problem with free wap and licenes for wap gateway.

In fact these operators have bought only limited count of licences for wap traffic on their gateways and now they be afraid of cross this border. That is why they have to stop to launch further projects, often more intersing than ICQ which are mentioned above.

How we should read this point? I think developers, operators and end-users should relize that running mobile portals brings expenses for operator due to licences and many else items and offer such stuff free of charge is way to the hell. Yes, mobile avertising is possible monetization, but without ambition to replace classic data volume based revenue share or subscription business model.

I think good solution show T-Mobile Czech Republic. They offer special data tarif started from 99 CZK per month. It is enought for good base for revenue share with suppliers and acceptable for users. What do you think?

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