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01.01.2009 - link |  comments(0)

 Android Market will be available in other countries and will also offer paid applications

I got an email from Android Market Support team yesterday. It confirmed me the well known information that the first phone with Android OS will soon arrive into Czech Republic.The new countries in which the G1 will arrive are: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Netherlands. The developers can start to target on this new countries in the Android Market in the middle of January.

23.12.2008 - link |  comments(0)

 G1 does not look bad at all

I have been testing the T-Mobile G1 with OS Google Android for a month and the T-Mobile G1 will hopefuly hit Czech Republic in February so my little personal preview is reasonable. Rather that I found out how to make display screenshots and if you will be concerned in this, there can be even more blog posts about this theme :-)

29.10.2008 - link |  comments(1)

 Simple mobile access emulation

Are you mobile service developer looking for an easy way to check your service? Do you want to make easy a screenshot? Or just looking for a tool for WAP browsing via standard web browser? In this case the following plugin tip into popular firefox can help you. Its basis is the possibility to change the user-agent parameter value send via the HTTP protocol.

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 Tip for LinkedIn group managers

If you are manager of some group within popular social network LinkedIn, you already noticed its recent options enhancement in its administration. However we are still missing the important thing and that is the possibility to send messages to group memebers. I have to say that such Facebook is in this much more advanced. But here you can also find a solution.

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 How to successfully sell mobile marketing and advertisement

Mobile marketing comes, the market currently rises and it is up to us which rules we give to it, how we set particular parametres. The main part will have wireless service providers but also mobile hoarding sellers and marketing tools sellers. These changes entail always big opportunity but also risk that the opportunity will be used badly. I describe hereunder some subjective tips how to use it right.

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 TOP 7 rules for mobile advertisement

Mobile advertisement shows itself like a hot subject within discussion of professionals in telecommunications and it is good for sure, that mobile developers can look forward to a new profit model. But something rare happens, respectively situation when the market has not been created yet and only the basic standards exist (MMA). Only few people realize that they are part of such significant turn but as it usually is, the outcome is not known in advance and only time shows if the mobile advertisement finds itself place in the glare of popularity.

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 Why does optimalization of web pages for cell phones make sense

You can read in many forum entries that it is not necessary to make cell phone versions of internet services because you have Opera Mini and iPhone there. Authors of similar entries often derisively look on every new wap application (caution: for a long time wap is not only WML anymore). I think that Opera Mini is not bad tool (although I know better tools for web browsing) and iPhone definitely has its charm but transcoding or full browsing can´t surely replace optimized service!

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 Tribulations of adwrap platforms

It is easy said that you place advertisement banner into commercial and secure interaction, eventually data capture. But in the jungle of cell phones you can say, nothing is so easy as it looks and running such platform means close study of technology and behaviour of users.

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 Google as a destroyer of mobile advertising standards

Yesterday, Google announced launching of a system for mobile advertising using image banners. Basically it would be a good message for all mobile advertising professionals, but nothing is perfect. Google does not respect defined standards and comming out with own methodology and banner resolutions and that is why advertisers will not be happy.

15.02.2008 - link |  comments(2)

 WAP free of charge is in trouble

Today, I have red an interesting article on my favourite czech internet magazine focused on mobile phone reviews and technologies you can find on url It was about change of Telefónica O2 strategy with charging mobile version of well-know instant messaging application ICQ. This change is not about their foxiness, but about typical problem with free wap and licenes for wap gateway.