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 TOP 7 rules for mobile advertisement

Mobile advertisement shows itself like a hot subject within discussion of professionals in telecommunications and it is good for sure, that mobile developers can look forward to a new profit model. But something rare happens, respectively situation when the market has not been created yet and only the basic standards exist (MMA). Only few people realize that they are part of such significant turn but as it usually is, the outcome is not known in advance and only time shows if the mobile advertisement finds itself place in the glare of popularity.

What to do for the mobile advertisement to be successfull

We can hold discussions about how the education of potentional advertisers important is, how the creative thinking of campaign executor important is, but the significant in this discussions slightly stays in the background. Primarily it is about that the mobile campaign has to be successful! Yes, lets follow this and there will be true market with mobile advertisement, where the advertisers will spend their money repeatedly and gladly, because it will simply payout.

I tried to put together 7 rules which we have to worship, if we want to be successfull in this new arise specialization:

1. representation has to be 100%
If we tell some visual information, it should be displayed in such size which we specify that we will display for given cell phone. If happens that site of banner it will display for example 1x1px picture or contrariwise banner is larger than the display, the impression comes to nothing.

2. functionality has to be proved
Do not count on accessible technical documentation of cell phones. Specific situation is that practically the wap browser does not open in java aplication, and this can have for the campaign counting with this kind of interactivity fatal consequences. Investment to cca. 100 pieces of cell phones or investment to hire external test center will payout. We look forward to campaign with interesting financial capacity though.

3. advertisement has to be targeted
No other medium can get such high-quality data about user like the cell phone. Lets use it and say this, to everybody udnerstand. At least we can go out of what cell phone approaches the service, but we can through recognition of unique user interconnect advertisement service with CRM systems or otherwise with obtained data (registration form) and get imformations such as where the user comes from, gender, age or even his expenses and others.

4. the advertisement effect has to be measureable
Along With offer of new advertisement medium some mistrust to its outcome is adherent to it. The only way out is to find solution for exact outcome measurement much like it is by using Google Analytics on internet. With advertisement on wap it is done relatively easy, however do not be satisfied only with numeration of impressions and clicks, express in numbers how many users really the advertised product or service ordered.

5. what is for free, has to be really for free
If the user has to accept the fact that some advertisement is thrown before him, he should have this compensated in some way. What only works is to offer the content for free whether it is advertisement placed on wap or other content type like e.g. within games. And if something has to be for free, then implicitly! That means in case of downloadable content not only the content has to be for free but even the download. Yes, you can not do it without agreement with wireless service provider.

6. the advertisement has to be creative and imaginative
This is already classic rule. If the visual message will not be attractive, it will not hold interest, it will not make rightly high click rate etc.

7. keep the standards
The standards are there to make the orientation in many cell phone formats for advertisers easy and also make the preparation of background papers easy.

Am I missing some significant rule? If I do, here with it. Certainly in next article I want to show directly how we can measure effect of campaign realized in sponsored games.

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