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09.10.2008 - link |  comments(0)

 Tip for LinkedIn group managers

If you are manager of some group within popular social network LinkedIn, you already noticed its recent options enhancement in its administration. However we are still missing the important thing and that is the possibility to send messages to group memebers. I have to say that such Facebook is in this much more advanced. But here you can also find a solution.

If you are a group manager, you have option to export its memebers into CSV file and look, the presence of email address here does not bother anyone. You will find the link to the export below the members list – see the picture.

The export itself is a trivial process, few clicks and you can not be wrong.

The export is done, saved on local disc in your computer. How to continue to send all members your newsletter? This depends on used email program, but the principle is always the same. Lets demonstrate it on a GMail example, which everybody knows for sure.

As well as how simply we exported the directory from LinkedIn system so simply we import it among the contacts in GMail. The stucture of exported file is compatible, it uses the right separation symbols so the import is a question of a file selection and contact group selection in which the new contacts have to be added.

At this moment the basic is done. Now you just send mass email to the newly-formed group of contacts in GMail. I just recommend not to forget that the contact addresses should not be visible so it is necessary to enter them into blind copy.

Indeed, it is a little forced issue but it works and can give your LinkedIn group new drive. Naturally it is necessary to be careful with the unsolicited emails.

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