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 How to successfully sell mobile marketing and advertisement

Mobile marketing comes, the market currently rises and it is up to us which rules we give to it, how we set particular parametres. The main part will have wireless service providers but also mobile hoarding sellers and marketing tools sellers. These changes entail always big opportunity but also risk that the opportunity will be used badly. I describe hereunder some subjective tips how to use it right.

Do not sell technology but concrete campaign scheme

It would be a mistake to present the features of technologic platform to the klient (potential advertiser). Such presentation will everyone gladly watch but here every discussions also ends. It is nice to know that you can place banner to a mobile portal and give it range of possible interactions, that you can place advertisement before game, video or some other content type and in fact to sponsor it with it, that you can take a picture of some scattered  tea leaves (QR viz. and get from it some data to your cell phone. It is amazing if you have online statistics displaying the progress of the campaign but do not expect that the klient will alone get used to this new world and will know how to use this new technology.

As well as the mobile marketing can work individually with recognised visitors, so the seller should work with the potentional klients. Rightly the seller has to be the one who will offer the goal of the campaign and the way to it. The customer will be interested in how much his revenue has risen, how many new customers he has aquired and he will want it measured exactly. On the contrary he will not be interested in how many times his banner has been uploaded on wap etc. Do not fear to be creative and basically substitute the position of agencies, work with visuals, let the klient choose from some of you visions, try to understand his needs. This individual inlet is necessery. I am afraid because the big sellers of internet advertisement which are often represented by untutored sellers in regions can do more damage than benefit. On the contrary if I had to bet on the best seller, I will choose from small companies with specialized and professional team of dealers.

Do not give the mobile hoarding as a bonus

Mobile advertisement and marketing have larger added value than internet advertisement. It is given with very new and novel format with demonstrably higher click-rate but above all thanks to the opportunity to target the message to a concrete visitor profile. Today the targeting based on customer location or even his expenses is nothing unusual. Can internet do that? That is why if we have to talk about bonus, lets give the internet advertisement as a bonus, not conversely. I am afraid the one who will do it conversely will start to devalue his future earnings.

Actually to this comparison of internet and mobile internet will happen more often and though they have more in common it is important that the market is formed by specialists. I personally honour MMA standards and abhor trends of local associations for internet advertisement to build their own standards. The position of wireless service providers seems to be the decisive, they have the final influence on who will be visible and what billing rules will be used. Everything indicates to that locally will also grow associations which full members will entirely be the wireless service providers.

Upgrade your dictionary

Site of the basic question „How much/many?“ which you used in camapign definition e.g. in conjunction with „How many pageviews?“ learn to use new words „Where? Who? When?“ etc. Lets talk also about coversions (not only klick, lets watch the customer until he orders), online statistics and media which can´t work with this simply forget. If the sign Web 2.0 has been generally undertaken, I would not be afraid of placing the mobile marketing under sign Marketing 2.0 and that is cause now is the time when we do not need to spend money on addressing a lot of people which will never be our potentional customers.

Do not forget the next marketing term „case study“. Show off with you successful campaigns, inspire others including your own competition, it will inspire you next time. I can recommend case studies from so far, but I believe that other  information sources will arise.

Focus on trading income, pursue the goal of the customer

Do not sell the beauty, offer the working solution. Many things died from beuty, e. g. I saw Brazil football many times in this position :-) so lets be careful with the QR codes, with bluetooth marketing. The main thing is the need for efficient campaign, only this way will the campaigns have longevity and will repeat.

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