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25.04.2008 - link |  comments(0)

 Google as a destroyer of mobile advertising standards

Yesterday, Google announced launching of a system for mobile advertising using image banners. Basically it would be a good message for all mobile advertising professionals, but nothing is perfect. Google does not respect defined standards and comming out with own methodology and banner resolutions and that is why advertisers will not be happy.

Global standards are already defined by MMA Global, see This non-profit association currently releases a new update of its mobile advertising guidelines which are available there: MMA recommend to work with two types of ratio 6:1 (default) or 4:1 (for bigger space).


And what about Google?
Google has made strange decision to create own formats for mobile banners. It is not about extended creativity, it is only about different resolutions without sense. Look at this table:


Ratio 6:1 

Ratio 4:1


X-Large Image Banner 300x50 300x75 305x64
Large Image Banner  216x36 216x54 215x34
Medium Image Banner  168x28 168x42 192x53
Small Image Banner 120x20 120x30 167x30
Sample of Google banners you can see there: or look at this:

What I should tell you in the end? Google failed me totally. I think it is very bad model for others. I hope telcos dont take inspiration from it.

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